My book

Hold On, Sweet Heart of Mine

Sophie is just five years old when her mother suddenly leaves the family – never to return. Although Sophie wonders why her mother left throughout her young life, she is a model student at school and flies through her university degree with the greatest ease. As an adult, she has everything she could desire: a good job, a nice house, a loving husband and two beautiful daughters… But the feeling of loss and emptiness remains.

At forty, Sophie goes through a burn-out and decides to reconnect with her mother. Painful and hopeful new insights about the past are revealed; they are the missing pieces of the puzzle that allow Sophie to accept herself and her past.

‘I hope my story will make you aware of the resilience every human has in challenging times. Of course, not everyone’s mother left when they were five, but everyone does have a story. This is mine.’ – Sophie Zeestraten

Sophie Zeestraten (1974) studied Law and worked with law firms and the Dutch government for years. Now, she runs her own therapy and coaching practice. She and her family live in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Click here for the Instagram book, the story in 250 old photos and videos.

For more information contact Marisca van der Mark (, foreign rights manager from Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency (my literary agent in the Netherlands). The book has not yet been translated, but there is an English sample translation available.