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Imagine. You are in a meeting and you really want to participate because you have something really relevant to contribute to the discussion. You feel a strong sense of anxiety coming up in your body, your heart is pounding in your chest, your hands are getting sweaty as you are waiting for the exact right moment to step in. What will the other participants think of you? Or do you sometimes have a miserable feeling after what appears to be a minor incident? Your children who aren’t listening to you. Your partner who seems to be busy with ‘his own business’ all the time. An appointment that gets cancelled.

In these cases cause and effect seem clear. But are the participants in the meeting, your children or your partner really the cause of your miserable feelings?

It really seems like that is the case, but what is really going on is that they touch upon previous experiences that have hurt you. But you are not aware of this. Knowing that there has been a mix up between old painful feelings and feelings that you are experiencing in the present and the fact that you can free yourself from this, is such a life-changing gift!

If you do nothing, this ‘old pain’ will keep on ‘colouring’ your present life and your experiences. Your reactions will keep on being disproportionate to the situation and you are blocking yourself from living your life to the fullest in the here and now. You will stay anxious to speak up in whatever situation, whether it is at the office or to a friend, and you will keep on having a bad temper towards your children or your partner. For nothing!

If you have the courage to face these old painful feelings, knowing that these feelings can’t hurt you anymore, it can really liberate you and set you free! I have experienced this for myself. Seeing the here and now for what it really is, without the filter of your past getting in the way all the time, makes life so much easier and so much more light!