About me

I studied Civil Law at Leiden University (in the Netherlands). After graduating, I started working as a lawyer in 1996. A few years later, in 2001, I changed my career and started working for the local Government (municipality of The Hague) as a Policy advisor. In 2011, after reading the PRI*-book ‘Rediscovering The True Self’ by the Dutch psychologist Ingeborg Bosch, my life changed completely. For the first time in my life I understood what was happening to me when I was so overwhelmed by emotions (emotions like anger, fear, unworthyness, shame, and the feeling that life was just too hard for me) and where the root of these emotions lay: not in the present, but in my past! I learned that these thoughts and feelings were ‘only’ outdated survivaltechniques that acted up in certain situations. I was not crazy, there was a solution, and there was help. This gave me a new perspective on life and also so much hope: I could fix this, and it was not even that hard.

I started PRI therapy in 2012 and learned the PRI tools and how to apply them in the situations where these emotions took me over. It was (and still is) life-changing. As PRI helped me so much, I wanted to pass this on to others who are also suffering from emotional and mental problems, so I changed my career and I now work as a PRI therapist myself. I have my own office in The Hague (the Netherlands) but most of the time I work online.

If you want to know more about my personal PRI experience and want to learn what PRI can also do for you, watch this Youtube Video (it’s in Dutch but subtitled in English) .

Or watch this PRI testimonial, where I am having a conversation with Ingeborg Bosch (founder of PRI) about how PRI changed my life:

I also wrote a book about my personal PRI story. The book will be published in the Netherlands in June of 2020.
For more information, also see ‘Book‘ in the menu above.

For more information also see the PRI* (Past Reality Integration) website: www.prionline.nl

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