Past Reality Integration (PRI)

Past Reality Integration, PRI in short, is developed by the Dutch psychologist Ingeborg Bosch, who wrote 6 books about this therapy-method.

PRI is based on the premise that we, as adults, often perceive the world through the defense mechanisms that we have developed as children. These defense mechanisms see to it that we do not have to feel the pain which was inflicted upon us as children. However these defense mechanisms are exactly what makes us, as adults, suffer the most as they give us a distorted perception of the present day reality. Fear, anxiety, depression, feelings of unworthyness, anger, stress, addiction, eating disorders and lack of true contact with ourselves and other people are the root cause of our problems in the present.

To learn more about PRI, you can read one of the PRI books, watch the PRI online course or start PRI therapy.

PRI online course:
In this PRI online course, Ingeborg Bosch (founder of PRI) teaches the basic PRI instruments: The PRI Circle, explaining how our consciousness develops, how to recognize defenses, and how to identify and dissect symbols that activate the defenses.

Various clients are participating in all video modules, sharing experiences from their daily lives. You will see Ingeborg do demos with them. Also, PRI therapists and experienced PRI clients, share their experiences.

Seeing the participating clients progress in becoming more aware of how they perceive day to day situations, and the steps they take to transform will very much help you reflect upon your own life and what is happening within you.

For more information check out the PRI website: